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Logic Admin: Administrator Tab


The Administrator Tab in Logic Admin allows the District to create an opportunity for building Administrators to access all of their teachers' GradeBooks directly in TeacherLogic. Settings you make here have nothing to do with Administrators' ability to choose TeacherLogic from SchoolLogic's Grades menu and then view any individual Student's information from TeacherLogic. To view the Administrator Tab, Click Administrator on the top bar, choose General from the vertical tool bar at left and start making choices .


Allow Administrative Logins

  • If activated, Administrators can log into TeacherLogic with their SIRS / SchoolLogic Username and Password.

  • A list of teachers and their classes will be available for selection.

Restrict to Read-only

  • Administrators will be able to view teacher entries but will not be able to edit.  We recommended this choice.

NOTE:  Administrators are identified by their Group Security in SIRS / SchoolLogic. 

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