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Logic Admin: Attendance Tab


Here are your option choices for setting up attendance in Logic Admin.

Contiguous Class Options

  • Allows for attendance tracking of classes which may be scheduled over multiple blocks but have a break between periods. A teacher only has to take Attendance once for classes which fit this category.
  • Enter the number of minutes which would occur between periods.

Period Attendance

When a student is absent set them absent for the rest of the day

  • If activated, when a Student is marked Absent during the day, he/she will be marked Absent for all subsequent periods for the remainder of that day
  • This is only valid for schools taking Period (Block) attendance.  This does not apply to Daily Attendance environments.

Master Class Filtering

Filter Master Class Attendance by selecting a Sub-Class

  • If activated, Attendance can be taken in TeacherLogic against a Sub Class rather than being entered into the Master Class.

NOTE: When submitted to SIRS / SchoolLogic, Attendance will be assigned against the Master Class.

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