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Logic Admin: Demographic Fields Tab


Here are your choices in Logic Admin to allow or prevent teachers to view and/or edit Student and/or Contact demographic fields.

Student Demographic Fields

Allow teacher to edit existing MultiCom
  • If activated,  your teachers will be able to edit information entered into Multi-Comm Fields for their students. Multi-Comm fields are special fields built into SchoolLogic which allow multiple pieces of information to be stored in a single display area. Users choose from a picklist when deciding which information to view. The edits will be visible in both TeacherLogic and SIRS/SchoolLogic.

Allow teacher to edit Email Address
  • If activated, your teachers will be able to edit their students' email addresses. The edits will be visible in both TeacherLogic and SIRS/SchoolLogic.

Available Fields
  • Specific fields can be selected by highlighting the field and clicking the > arrow to move them to the Selected Fields.

  • Only fields in the Selected Fields box will display in TeacherLogic.

 Allow Teacher to Edit
  • If activated, your teachers will be abe to edit the individual field highlighted in the Selected Fields list. 

  • NOTE: If desired, you must set the edit function on each individual field.

Contact Demographic Fields

This is the same  process as outlined above for Student Demographic Fields

Click: Submit.

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