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No Warning on Protected Students


Students who are Protected in SchoolLogic and/or SIRS do not display as protected in TeacherLogic.


Have your tech staff Download and install the new .dll which is attached to this article. 

1. Install it here: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\migapps\TeacherLogicXE\Dlls. Of course, this will be installed on the server where your TLXE Software resides; generally your Application Server.

2. We recommend: Deleting the original teacherlogicxe.dll you find at that location

3. Empty the Trash.

4. Copy your new teacherlogicxe.dll into the designated location.

With the updated .dll installed, your teachers will have this experience: When they click on a protected Student, they get a warning box which says the student is protected and they read the reason. There is a clickable link at the bottom of the warning which then closes the warning and lets them see the protected student's information.

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