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Time-outs in TeacherLogic


Time-Outs are a good thing, particularly in a classroom where a teacher's machine might somehow be accessed by a student. On the other hand, operators can be hampered and frustrated if the machine times out too easily.


TeacherLogic XE doesn't set any time-out variables. Instead,TLXE creates a Session Variable at login time. Then on every page it checks to see if that Session Variable still exists. If it does, the user is still considered logged in. If that Session Variable no longer exists then the user is considered to be timed out. This allows the time-out to be controlled by the IIS settings:

  1. Launch IIS and Click Stop  in the top, right corner under Actions. Important Note: This disconnects any operator in SchoolLogic, TeacherLogic or HomeLogic, so warn them or choose your time of day carefully.
  2. If your IIS doesn't look like the shot below, go to the far left column. Open Sites, Default Web Site and MIGAPPS by clicking the triangle to the left of each. When you have them all open, the far left column will look like this:

TLXE 3.4.62 in IIS.jpg

  1. Click TeacherlogicXE. That will change the middle of your screen to look like the screen shot above.
  2. In the middle, under IIS, Double-click ASP.
  3. On the resulting form, Open Session Properties  by clicking its "+"
  4. The bottom item will be the Time-out, expressed in minutes. Ensure the timeout settings are a practical number. The default is 20 minutes.
  5. Double-Click Apply  in the top, right corner of the display.
  6.  In the upper, left corner of the display, click on the top line. In the shot above, it is: PAHL (PAHL\AlPahl). That will change the display in the upper, right corner. Click Start to restart IIS and allow users to go back in.

Note: Many teachers emailing large attachments out of TLXE or working with large numbers of Course Objectives experience symptoms that seem like a time-out, but technically are not. One accompanying error:

Request object error ‘ASP 0104 : 80004005’

Operation not allowed

/teacherlogic/periodgrades/periodgrades_submit.asp,line 43


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