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Error: Invalid School Code or School Code Not Found

Error Message

Invalid School Code of School Code Not Found. School-based (usually) operator encounters when entering SchoolLogic Government Reporting from SIRS.


The most likely reason is because your operator jumped from SIRS into eGov without departing from a specific school. Let us explain: In SIRS, in the upper left corner there's a white box, which either says All Schools or the name of an individual school. Your operator had that set to All Schools.  The primary way to verify that is obvious, but the secondary way is: In eGov, on the top, left, under the three colored bars and Government Reporting, it says: Current User's name. If you see the District name after Current User rather than an individual school name, you'll get the error message.

Have your operator, in SIRS, choose one school in the upper, left white box and THEN launch eGov. IF she chooses a school, but gets into eGov and STILL does not see that individual school's name, have her blow out her browser cache.

A less-common reason for that message is an invalid or missing School code for an individual school on your School table in SQL. Run this command and inspect the data in cCode:

select * from school where iDistrictID > 0


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