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ISBE Student Discipline Groups

SchoolLogic Government Reporting 4.5.2 or newer, which requires Database 2.2.369 or newer.


ISBE changed the previous Discipline template, some time ago. A new element, Incident Case ID, was added. In eGov v. 4.5.2, we updated Incident Type codes; including retiring old Incident Type codes and adding new ones. We also updated Disciplinary Duration codes, including adding new codes. Details from ISBE are here

Update Discipline Reasons 

Whether you use SIRS4 or SchoolLogic, go here: Setup > Lookup Tables > Discipline Reasons. Update your Codes like this:

Old Code    New Code

01                08

02                09

03                11

04                16

05                19

06                18

You must also add these new Codes:

10            Violence without physical injury

12            Dangerous Weapon Firearm–Handgun

13            Dangerous Weapon Firearm-Shotgun

14            Dangerous Weapon Firearm-Rifle

15            Dangerous Weapon Firearm-Multiple

17            Dangerous Weapon Firearm-Other 17