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SK Requests Reports - Getting reconcilation info from the Ministry


Beginning with SchoolLogic Government Reporting 4.11, you have six Reports which allow you to compare information in SIRS/SchoolLogic with information the Ministry has.

  • Five of the six allow you to only compare information between the Ministry and your local data. In each, SchoolLogic Goverment Reporting creates a request list showing the students/schools for which you want information. You make your request in the form of an .xml file you upload to the ministry. The Ministry will return an .xml Response file, showing records which match your request.

  • The other Report, Students' Completed Courses, allows you to not only compare, but also update, your SIS by importing an .xml Response file into your SIRS or SchoolLogic database. We created a separate article on that Report.

Step by Step

1. All of the Reports are accessed from the eGov home page, when you Click SK Requests

Screen Shot: Here is where you start on home page

When brings you to this page:

Screen Shot: SK Requests


  • Student Demographics displays the Demographic Information the Ministry tracks on your Student(s).
  • Student School Enrollment Information displays Students' enrollment records in Schools.
  • Student Course Enrollments Information displays Students' enrollment records in Courses.
  • Student Completed Courses Information displays information we explain in this article.
  • Students No Longer Enrolled in School displays students no longer enrolled in the requesting School.
  • Department Defined Courses displays Courses which Ministry records show are currently offered in the requesting School.
  1. Student Demographics Information, Student School Enrollment Information and Student Course Enrollments Information are each run either:
  • By Student -- You can request one or more Student records (based on your Group Manager selections at right).


  • By School --  Your Group Manager selections do not apply; results will be for your entire school. 
    • Start Date, End Date, Start Grade, End Grade, and Data Scope options (All Records/Current Records) only apply to By School. Full details about these options are available in the SDS XML Specification document which we link to from the eGov home page, as shown at the end of this document.
    • Choosing Include Lookup Names Codes gives you additional information. You may get an explanation of a code, not just the code. For instance, getting both a Class Code and a Class Name. Most users make this choice
  1. Students No Longer Enrolled in School and Department Defined Courses are never run per Student, only By School. Thus, Query Type and Group Manager lists do not apply. Neither do Data Scope options (All Records/Current Records).
  2. When you've made your desired choices, Click Create File at the lower, right corner of the page. 
  3. Two things happen:
    1. The list of students whose information you are about to request appears in a pop-up;
    2. As shown in the lower, left corner of that pop-up, you just created an .xml file of those students, which usually is stored in your computer's Downloads folder.
  4. As you do with other .xml files generated by eGov, go to the Ministry of Education website:
    1. Click Electronic File Transfer.
    2. Log in
    3. Browse to the .xml file you created, and Click Submit. 
  5. To display the Ministry's Response file:  On the eGov Home Page, Click Saskatchewan Import 

Screen Shot: How to get the return file to display

  1. Compare the Ministry records to yours.
  • If a Student shows a failed transaction, read the accompanying error message; the Ministry explains it.
  • Otherwise, compare the Ministry's information to your own. Decide whether to fix the latter, if there are differences.

All of this is based on SDS XML Specifications 

All of our SK Requests reports are based on SDS XML Specifications Rel. 5 Ver. 4.1 (Section 3 – Queries, sub-section 3.3 and 3.4). You can link to the current version of that document from the Home Screen of eGov. Click State info

Screen Shot: How to get to info from SASK Ministry

Then Click SDS XML Info:

Screen SHot: Final click to get to Provincal website