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SK Requests Reports - Student Completed Courses


Beginning with SchoolLogic Government Reporting 4.11, you have six Reports which allow you to compare information in SIRS/SchoolLogic with information the Ministry has.

  • One of the six, Students Completed Courses, allows you to not only compare, but also update, your SIS by importing an .xml Response file into your SIRS or SchoolLogic database. For that Report, keep reading.
  • We also created a separate article on the other five Reports.

Step by Step

1. From the SchoolLogic Government Reports Home Page, Click SK Requests.

Screen Shot: Completed Courses Shot 1

2. On the SK Requests page, Click Student Completed Courses Information

Screen Shot: Choosing Completed Courses Information


3. Selecting Query Type at lower left gives you the choice of running this report either by Student or School.

  • By Student -- You can request one or more Student records (based on your Group Manager selections at right).
  • By School --  Your Group Manager selections do not apply; results will be for your entire school. 
    • Start Date, End Date, Start Grade, End Grade, and Data Scope options (All Records/Current Records) only apply to By School. Full details about these options are available in the SDS XML Specification document which we link to from the eGov home page, as shown at the end of this document.
    • Choosing Include Lookup Names Codes gives you additional information. You may get an explanation of a code, not just the code. For instance, getting both a Class Code and a Class Name. Most users make this choice
  1. When you've made your desired choices, Click Create File at the lower, right corner of the page. 
  2. Two things happen:
    1. The list of students whose information you are about to request appears in a pop-up;
    2. As shown in the lower, left corner of that pop-up, you just created an .xml file of those students. The filename begins _HistoryRequest_SchoolName and usually is stored in your computer's Downloads folder.
  3. As you do with other .xml files generated by eGov, go to the Ministry of Education website:
    1. Click Electronic File Transfer.
    2. Log in
    3. Browse to the .xml file you created, and Click Submit. 
  4. Once the Ministry has added Exam marks on their side, you can use this report to import Course Marks. When you wish to download the Ministry's results, return to the Ministry website, moving to the display where your Request file that you uploaded is on the left and the Ministry's Response file in the right. Download the latter, making note of where you store it. 
  5. On the eGov Home Page, Click Saskatchewan Import 

Screen Shot: Saskatchewan Import

  1. The resulting page will look like this:

Screen shot: SK Import

There is a new option on the page Do not update Marks History. Display report only! By default it is checked. When checked, our file-processing mechanism will only display the results, showing the comparison between local SIS data and SDS data. Thus, you'll be able to see on the screen where your data differs from the SDS data.

If you want to update your local data from the SDS data, you need to uncheck this option and process the return file. Then, we'll update local data using the following criteria, based on the Completed Course Type

  • When Type = Blended This is when the Final Mark after the Departmental Exam (40%) is blended by the Ministry with your school's Final Mark (60%). We Update your student's History record like this: IF the Final Mark returned in the Response file is different than the Mark on the SIRS/SchoolLogic Student History record, we move your local Final Mark to School Mark and write the SDS Final Mark from the response file to Student Final Mark
  • When Type = School, Dept, Transfer: These represent Final Marks that are determined by Schools 100%, Departmental Exam 100%, or a standing granted from a Course transferred from another jurisdiction; respectively. We then ADD a new record to SIRS/SchoolLogic Student History. 

When you look at the Ministry's Response file and are studying the messages, the two most common pieces of Local Status information you'll see are: Record will be updated and This record is up to date. Take both of those at face value. In each case, they are referring to the record you already have in SIRS/SchoolLogic.

All of this is based on SDS XML Specifications 

All of our SK Requests reports are based on SDS XML Specifications Rel. 5 Ver. 4.1 (Section 3 – Queries, sub-section 3.3 and 3.4). You can link to the current version of that document from the Home Screen of eGov. Click State info

Screen Shot: How to get to info from SASK Ministry

Then Click SDS XML Info:

Screen SHot: Final click to get to Provincal website