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Saskatchewan Attendance Data Collection


Attendance Data Collection Overview

This submission has been required by Saskatchewan Ministry of Education since the 2013-2014 school year. Here are our pointers and advice for 2016-2017. Check back during the school year, because we may be adding to these as the year progresses.

The Basics

  • Your Ministry requires you submit monthly Attendance data by the seventh day of each month, for the previous month. For example, September data is due by Oct. 7. 
  • Your file must be in Excel format and we suggest creating it as a Board user.
  • There are two submissions: 
    • Elementary (EM).  A student in any grade will appear in the Elementary Submission, if Daily Attendance is being taken on that Student's Track. 
    • Secondary (Sec).  A student in any grade will appear in the Secondary Submission, if Period Attendance is being taken on that Student's Track

How We Do It

  • We look at Track Audits to pull information. If a Student's Enrolment Date is different than her Track Audit Date, we use the Track Audit Date. (i.e.  Student enrols on Sept. 4 but her track audit is for Sept. 24, we will use Sept. 24 to calculate her Attendance Days.)
  • If a student changes schools or tracks, a separate line is created, showing a separate value for each school or track. 
  • In both Elementary and Secondary, we submit only those students enrolled during any part of the reporting month and having more than zero possible Attendance.
  • Any records which fail validation will appear on your popup window in red. You should fix these before sending the file to the Ministry. We display these records up front, so you can fix them.

Things to make sure of

  • We recommend you choose the All Current Year Students group, to include both Current and Withdrawn students. Note: The resulting picklist will include all Students, both those on Daily Attendance and Period Attendance Tracks. We will filter students out of the Excel file if they belong to a Track that does not match the Attendance type for the file being created. EM picks up students on Daily Attendance Tracks. SEC picks up those on Period Attendance Tracks. 
  • After you've created the final Excel file you wish to send, you may need to change its name to match exactly what the Ministry is looking for. For specifics, consult the Ministry's Registrar's Handbook, Appendix J (Standardizing Student Attendance File Submissions). Don't forget to include your Division abbreviation in the file name.
  • We provide an option to Include Records that Fail Validation. When you select this, students missing required data will still be included in the web dialogue box which displays, as well as in the Excel file. These students need to be fixed. This option is strictly for test purposes. Please DO NOT use this option to create the final file you intend to submit to the Ministry.
  • You must have your seven-digit District Code in the District Code field (SchoolLogic (SL): Setup > Site. Click your District's Name; SIRS: Setup > School > District). This value is used as SD DAN in your output file.
  • You must have a seven-digit School Code in the School Code Field (SL: Setup > SiteClick your School's Name; SIRS: Setup > School > School). This value is used as School DAN in your output file.
  • All Students must have their nine-digit SK Learning ID populated (SL: Government Number on Demographics Personal 1 tab; SIRS: SK Learning ID on Demographics Personal 1 tab. This value will be used as Student Number in your output file.
  • You must have Birth Date populated on Student > Demographics Personal 1 tab for all students. This value is used as Birthdate in your output file.
  • You must have In Date populated on Student > Demographics Status tab for all students. This value (or the Audit date, see above) will be used in calculating Active Date for your output file.
  • You must have Out Date populated on Student > Demographics Status tab  for students who have withdrawn from school. This value (or the Audit date, see above) will be used in calculating Inactive Date for your output file.
  • You must have Grade populated on Student > Demographics Personal 1 for all students. This value will be used as Grade in your output file. Only valid grades PK, K, 1 to 12 will be accepted. A leading zero in Grades will be removed before sending the Code to the output file, i.e. 0K will be K and 01, 02, … 09 will be 1, 2, …9 respectively.
  • For the Secondary file, we will use Government Course Code:
    • In SIRS: This must be filled out in Setup > Courses > Government Course File, and Setup > Courses > Information (Govt. Course, Govt. Code).
    • In SL: This must be filled out in Scheduling > Government Course, and Scheduling > Course > Information (Govt. Course, Govt. Code)
  • Any Class associated with a Course having no Government Course Code populated is excluded from submission.
  • When Master Classes have one or more Sub Classes, the Government Course Code and Attendance Count will be taken from each Sub Class. But if there are no Sub Classes, those elements are taken from the Master Class.