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Saskatchewan Class and Mark Submissions

FAQs for Class and Mark Submissions

 Question: What are the closing dates for Student Class Enrollment for the 2016-17 school year?

Answer: The closing dates are (from Registrar’s Handbook):

  • Registrations for all courses that finish on or before the end of January are due by Friday, Oct. 28, 2016.
  • Registrations for all courses that finish on or before the end of June are due by Friday, March 31, 2017.

Question: Can we submit these reports manually using the SDS Web Application (ministry website)?

Answer: We do not recommend that. When you use SchoolLogic Goverment Reporting (aka. eGov), we track most of the data submitted to the Ministry in your local database. Using the Ministry website manually creates a mismatch between their system and ours, which will cause issues in many other interdependent submissions. As an example, here's the caution note about Class Creation (from Registrar’s Handbook):

• The SDS Web Application (ministry website) and Electronic File Transfer (the Ministry's generic term for electronic submissions from student information systems like eGov) are interchangeable for most data entry tasks except Class creation.

• IF a Class is created using the Teacher/Course Assignment option on the SDS Web Application, then student registrations and marks will not match if they are sent electronically; instead they must be entered using the web application (unless the class is deleted and replaced using electronic transfer methods).

• IF a Class is created using electronic transfer, then either the SDS Web Application OR electronic file transfer may be used for student registrations and marks.”

Question: Do we need to submit Student Class Enrollment one time or periodically?

Answer: To keep Ministry data up-to-date you need to run this submission periodically and submit it to the Ministry, because new students enroll and withdraw from classes regularly.  Here are the guidelines from Registrar’s HandbookTo capture scheduling changes or additional registrations, Registration Files can be sent the first Friday of the month your marks are submitted. (Do not send registrations the week marks are due – this causes a system delay for schools attempting to meet the Mark deadline).

Question: Do we need to submit Student Class Mark one time or periodically?

Answer: Here are the guidelines from Registrar’s Handbook for school year 2016-2017:

  • Marks are due: Second Friday of every month


  • January final marks are due Thursday, February 9, 2017.
  • June final marks are due Thursday, July 6, 2017

Question: Is School Term a required submission?

Answer: No. It is an optional submission. It is neither tracked nor cross-referenced with other submissions on our side nor on the ministry side. You can continue the same practice as last year or years before, if you wish.

Question: In what order do we need to submit these reports?


  • Submit School Class prior to Student Class Enrollments;
  • Submit Student Class Enrollments prior to Student Class Marks.

Question: What Student Group in Group Manager should schools use for Student Class Enrollment and Student Class Mark submissions?

Answer: For all of these submissions: All Current Year Students group is the best; since we track Enrollment and Withdrawal changes internally. Reminder:

  • All Current Year means the student was Enrolled in your building or district at some point during the School Year;
  • All Students includes every Student in your database, no matter how long ago they left you. 

Question: For Student Class Enrollment submission is there anything schools need to do when a student withdraws from a class?

Answer: Withdraw the student from the class with a Status Date and Status value Withdrawn. Because this submission needs to be submitted periodically -- assuming Class Enrollment was previously submitted -- the new Withdrawal will be submitted when you run this submission next time. If Enrollment had not been submitted prior to Withdrawal, both the Enrollment and Withdrawal transactions will be created the next time you run this submission.

Question: How should schools use Range Start Date and Range End Date fields on Classes and Marks submission forms in eGov?


  • For Sem. 1 classes/marks, use Sem. 1 Start Date and End Date; 
  • For Sem. 2 classes/marks, use Sem. 2 Start Date and End Date;
  • Full-year classes will be collected using the Sem. 1 date range, or Track Start and Track End Dates. 

Question: Are there any User-Defined fields related to Class/Mark submissions which schools must match on the Fields Setup form in eGov?

Answer: Yes. Educator Certificate Number only.

Question: Do elementary and junior high schools need to be submitted for these reports?

Answer: No. These are only for secondary level schools (grades 10–12).

Question: Do the School Class, Student Class Enrollment, and Student Class Mark submissions report classes with an exam type of ‘X’ (Do Not Report)?

Answer: No. Classes with an exam type of “X” are not reported.

Question: How does eGov handle multiple teachers associated with a single class (Resources tab on Class Setup and Schedule)?

Answer: Classes with multiple teachers associated should have a Default Teacher designated, otherwise the top one is used for submission. We strongly recommended assigning a Default Teacher.

Question: Can schools submit Classes/Class Enrollments/Class Marks without associating a Teacher to the Class?

Answer: No. Classes with no teachers (on Resources tab) will be excluded from all these submissions.  

Question: Is there any change in the eGov process related to Government Course File setup?

Answer: No. It will work same way as in the past. High schools must have their Government Course Table set up. Any new courses recognized by Saskatchewan Education must be added under Setup > Courses > Government Course File.

Question: Is there any change in eGov processes related to Courses setup?

Answer: No. When adding Courses (under Setup > Courses > Courses), ensure they are linked to a Government course. Verify the Exam Type has been entered. The Exam Type codes are:

  • U - Supplemental;
  • B - Blended;
  • X - Don’t Report;
  • C - Adult Challenge;
  • S - School Accredited.

Note: For students who need to register for an Adult Challenge exam, we recommend you call Saskatchewan Education to register these Outside Students, instead of entering them into SIRS/SchoolLogic.

Question: Is there any change in the eGov process related to Class Setup & Schedule setup?

Answer: No. Under Schedule > Class Setup & Schedule, verify that Exam Type field contains the correct information. Use the same Exam Type codes shown above.

If a student is enrolled in a Class that has an Exam Type of Blended, Adult Challenge, or Supplemental, you must fill in the Exam Date field on the Class. The approved exam dates are in Saskatchewan Education's Registrar’s Handbook.

If the Student is taking the Course:

  • as a distance-learning course, use the code D (or Distance) in the Delivery Mthd field.
  • in the physical classroom, choose C (or Class) for Class -- or leave the field blank (in which case code C will be the used by default).

Note: For students taking a Supplemental or Challenge exam, it is important to create a separate Course (even if the course is a duplicate of an existing course). In Class Setup and Schedule, the Student should be enrolled in the Class created from that separate Course. The Course and Class Exam Type will have a code of C or U. For Adult Challenge exams, we recommend you call Saskatchewan Education to register outside students, instead of entering them into SIRS/SchoolLogic.

Question: Is there any change in collecting Supplemental and Adult Challenge registrations?

Answer: No. These registrations will be collected the same way as before. This submission is optional and only needs to be submitted if you have Students taking Supplemental or Challenge exams. For this submission, only those classes will be included which have Exam Types (in Class Setup and Schedule/Courses) of:

  • Supplemental (U);
  • Adult Challenge (C).

Click Here to download the Saskatchewan Education Ministry's Registrar's Handbook.

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