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Saskatchewan Government Reporting Tips

Attendance Data Collection

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Class/Mark Submissions

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Classroom Composition Report

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English Additional Language (EAL)

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New Enrollments Report

Once you’ve completed the Withdrawal report, you need to run the New Enrollments report, using your All Current Year Students group (FYI: this group includes only students still associated with your School and does NOT include those who graduated or moved away). Choosing this group will include all Students who are new to your school as well as those who are continuing from the previous year(s).  (In previous years, the Ministry didn't ask for continuing students in this file.) 

At this point in time, you would NOT need to run the Enrollment Changes or Demographics Changes reports because New Enrollments contains both. Therefore, no need to run these reports separately.

Once this first-time mass enrollment and withdrawal process is complete, you can use any of the reports throughout the school year. Use either Currently Enrolled or All Current Year Students group for New Enrollments, Enrollment Changes, Demographics Changes, Withdrawals, or any  other submission. 

  • Note 1: If you choose Currently Enrolled, that group does not include Withdrawn students; therefore you’d need to run a Withdrawals report separately, using Withdrawn students group.
  • Note 2: The best time to run Enrollment Changes is on or after your School’s actual Start Date. The reason: Our Group Manager does not include future enrollments and your rollover process may use the actual Start Date of your school as the Entry Date for Students who moved from other schools, as well as Students who are attending this School for the first time
  • Note 3: If you have any new enrollments created between August 1 and your school’s Start Date, and that enrollment record is not set to the Ministry:
    • If you withdraw that Student using a date prior to your school’s Start Date, neither Enrollment nor Withdrawal records are created;
    • If you use a Withdrawal date on or after your school’s Start Date, than both Enrollment and Withdrawal records will be created.

To the best of our knowledge, the Ministry recommends: If a student does not show up at their school after the school’s Start Date, clients need to Withdraw these students and send the Withdrawals to the Ministry. You need to confirm this with the ministry. If that turns out to be true, then you need to rerun the Withdrawals report, using either your Withdrawn group or All Current Year Students group on the 11th day from school Start Date.

Withdrawals Report

August 1 is the start of the school year for the SK Education Ministry. After you’ve rolled your data over into the new year, the first report schools should run is Withdrawals using your All Students group. This will send the records for those students who left in the previous school year but whose records were not submitted to the Ministry. When you ran the Rollover process, it created Withdrawal records in your local data for the students who graduated last spring or moved to other schools. All these students will be included in this process and their Withdrawal records will be included in your submission to the Ministry.

Question:  Johnny attends School A in 2016/2017 and was expected to enroll in School B for September 1 of the 2017/2018 School Year. But Johnny moves out of province over the summer and never attends school in the 2017/2018 school year.

Question 1) How should School B withdraw the student? Should this enrollment line be deleted as the student Never attended? Or should the student be withdrawn on September 1 and have an in and an out on the same day? How will eGov process this? Will the student upload if the status has in and out on same day?

Question 2) If the answer to the line above is to simply remove this line as the student never attended school, how does the ministry know that the student transferred to another province, since the previous school's withdrawal does not indicate that, since the original school was not aware that this change was going to take place.

Answer: In addition to what we say above: Effective beginning July 22, 2016 (school year 2016-2017) they need to create and send a Withdrawal record to the ministry (assuming enrollment records were already sent to the ministry) with newly added Enrollment Outcome/Exit Type code 54 (Discontinued schooling, with a reason of “non-attendance”).  We do not recommend schools delete/remove the record. The Withdrawal Date cannot be prior to Enrollment Date.

If the student does not show up at School B after 10 days from the school Start Date then the only thing School B has to send is the withdrawal record with exit type code 54.

Question:  So if a student does not show up, what date should the Withdrawal be on? Are we suggesting the Withdrawal date be 10 days after the first day of school? The 10th day would be Sept. 10, 2017. That student would display enrolled Sept. 1 – Sept. 10, 2017?

Answer:  We mentioned the business rules  (“it cannot be prior to Enrollment Date” and use of code 54), our best guess about the date is it should be the same day as the Enrollment Date, but you need to confirm that with the ministry.

Question: Does above rule/scenario apply regardless of whether the student moves out of our district or moves within our district?

Answer: Yes. In that case you can also use code 54 or 60 or 63 for Enrollment Outcome/Exit Type field and follow the rule “Exit date can not be prior to enrollment date” as SDS won’t allow such transactions where exit date is prior to enrollment date. SDS would return error code 53902 (or 60158 when newer enrollments for some other school exist in SDS). This type of problem occurs most often at the start of the School Year when schools submit mass enrollments to the Ministry during August, prior to school starting. It is commonly ignored that in these transactions, we send Track Start Date as the Enrollment Date for the students who are in continuous enrollment from the previous year(s). Later, when school starts and the student does not show up at School A, but joins School B within the district:

  •  School B usually records Johnny's Enrollment Date as its Track Start Date;
  • And you might enter a Withdrawal Date for School A as one day prior to School B's Track Start Date.

In this case, we cannot send the Withdrawal transaction to the Ministry for any student where Exit Date is prior to Enrollment Date (the Original School A enrollment date, which was mass-reported back in August), because the Withdrawal will fail. To generate a valid transaction: You need to use Exit Type Code 60 (or any other suitable code) and make sure Exit Date is equal to Enrolment Date (generally Track Start Date). Please Note: Because the student is already moved to School B, you cannot generate Enrollment Change or Demographics Change transactions for School A for this student. Any such changes can only be made by School B.

Advice on Enrollment Changes and Withdrawal submissions 

Question: If a Student leaves our School and returns to the same school during the same School Year, do we have to use Enrollment Change submission? 

Answer: No!

This submission is intended to update certain fields related to active School Enrollment of a Student, like; Grade, MinistryDesignated, PreviousProvState, Previous Country, ImmersionType, Homebound, CumulativeFolder, TuitionStatus, OrganizationAffiliation, and Homeroom.

You can NOT update Entry Type, Entry Date, Exit Type and Exit Date fields through Enrollment Change submission.

Enrollment Change transaction will only be allowed by the SK Education Ministry until student has active base Enrollment for the submitting school.

If a Student leaves your School, at that time you need to submit Withdrawal transaction to the ministry. When the Student returns, the Ministry expects you to submit New Enrollment.

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