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Saskatchewan Realtime Reporting

SchoolLogic Government Reporting 4.13 and newer


Whether you are working as a District or School user, you can now choose between:

  • Creating an .xml file from eGov and manually submitting it to SDS the way you always have;


  • using real-time submissions.

Enter Web Settings First

1. To create your real-time opportunity, perform this one-time setup, by going here: Tools > Fields Setup > Web Settings. Enter the SK Learning URL in the field highlighted below. You need to provide this URL for each school by launching eGov separately for each school (we logged in below as the Queen Elizabeth School). You also need to provide this URL for district-level access by choosing All Schools in SIRS and sub-launching eGov, or just logging into eGov with a District-Level login.

The separate URL for real-time transmissions is:

That URL is for production work. The Ministry also has a separate server for testing real-time submissions. If you want to use the test server, you must use a separate set of your data; not the same data you intend to send to their production server. 

  1. From any eligible report, Click Request in Realtime or  Click Submit in Realtime.

This pop-up will appear:

Real time pop up window

  1. When you provide valid SDS credentials, your transmission submits to the ministry. Returned results will be displayed on the screen and the returned .xml file is provided, allowing you to save to any location you choose. If you want to cancel submission at this point, just close the pop-up.

Note: Cancellation is available only at the start of the new session. For any subsequent transactions, it is not available.

 After the first successful transaction, you don't have to enter credentials again, as long as you don't sign-out of eGov. If you do sign-out, re-launch eGov and provide SDS credentials again. For security reasons, we do not store SDS credentials anywhere.

Note: If you have District-level SDS access, you can submit all the reports (one by one) for each school without relaunching eGov for each school. You can do this by: Launching SIRS with District-Level credentials and choosing the All Schools option from the school picklist at top, left; then sub-launching SchoolLogic Government Reporting; or  Opening your browser and logging into SchoolLogic Government Reporting with a District-Level login.

Possible Error Messages from SDS

If your credentials do not match or you do not have proper permissions for the specific transaction on SDS the most common error message(s) SDS will send you are:

Screen Shot: another error message

screen shot of another error message

In the above cases, you can resubmit the transaction by providing correct credentials without relaunching eGov. If problems persist, you need to contact the Ministry to verify your credentials.

Note: You can not submit real-time transactions having a file size greater than 32KB. If the file size is greater than 32K, the transaction will not be submitted to the Ministry and the following error message displays:

Screen Shot: Error Message 4

Note 2: We do not create a Return File when you select Ping Source on SK Requests page.

A Final Note: Please Click Sign Out instead of just using the red "x" to close your browser window when you've finished your eGov work. This will minimize any possible unexpected results caused by the session.

Screen Shot: Click Sign Out to get out of the eGov APP

Need More Assistance?

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