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SRB SIS Knowledge Base

Saskatchewan Student Intensive Supports


  • Start and End dates on IS record must fall with the date range on the submission form.

  • Only records having Support Level Codes 01-02 and Disability Codes 01-12 (excluding 05) will be submitted. No other codes or blank will be considered for submission.

  • Student must be enrolled in a school as base student.

  • School code associated with Affiliated School field on Student Intensive Supports form will be used as SchoolId in the transaction.

  • Selected code(s) will be always constant Yes.

  • Student withdrawn from school prior to submission date will be excluded.

  • Students with End Date prior to submission date will be excluded.

  • Students with future Start Date (compared to form submission date) will be excluded.

  • We do not track transactions, because this is once-per-year submission.

  • You need to make sure every student for submission has proper Support and Disability Level Codes populated and meet the above mentioned criteria.

  • This submission can be run at the School level, but we recommend you run it at the District level.

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