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Server Error in '/SchooLogic Government Reporting'


Government Reporting 4.4 and newer

Error Message

After you update Government Reporting, you might receive a Server Configuration Error. The error, which appears when an operator logs in after the update, begins: 

Server Error in '/SchoolLogic Government Reporting' Application.

Configuration Error

An Error Occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately. Parser Error Message: Unrecognized attribute "targetFramework'. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive.

The error also contains, "compilation Debug='true' targetFramework='4.0">.

Here's a look at the actual error:

Government Reporting better screen shot of error Sept 2014.png


This indicates the updated version of Government Reporting has incorrectly been assigned to an IIS Application Pool which uses Microsoft .net Framework 2.x. Government Reporting v.4 and above needs an App. Pool using .net Framework 4.x. This is also true of SchoolLogic v4 and above.  Here's the fix:

1. Launch IIS. In the first column (far left), under ConnectionsClick the triangle to the left of your server's name, to "open" it; then Click the triangle to the left of Sites, to "open" it ; finally, Clickthe triangle to the left of Default Web Site, to "open" it. 

Government Reporting Default Web Site.png


2. Scroll down to SchoolLogic Goverment Reporting and click on it:

Government Reporting Make your choice.png


3. In the third column (far right), under Manage Application, click on Advanced Settings. In the pop-up form which results, in row 1, click on the actual name of the Application Pool, which is in bold type. 

4.  Click on the ellipsis at the right end of row 1:

 Government Reporting ellipsis.png


5.  Another box will pop up, displaying the currently selected Application Pool. Change it to an Application Pool which uses .net Framework 4.x.

Government Reporting Step 3.jpg


6. Click OK.

7. Click OK

NOTE: These same steps apply to SchoolLogic 4.0 and above, if you encounter the same error message as the one atop this post.