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Troubleshooting Launching Government Reporting


When launching Government Reporting from SIRS or SchoolLogic, it's possible you won't see the link to launch Government Reporting; you might click on the launch but nothing happens or you might see Launch Government  Reporting but not be able to click on it. Here are three no-launch scenarios and some suggestions.

When you don't see the choice

  1. When you go to the Student menu, scroll down to Government Reporting,  but Launch Government Reporting does NOT display to the right, it probably means you do not have proper rights to get into Government Reporting.   
  2. Go here:Setup > Group Security
  3. Select the Group you are in. If there is a "+" displayed to the left of  the Group name, click on the "+". Click on Menu Security
  4. Locate Government Reporting on the far left. You must have at least Read access to the areas you intend to work on. If you do not, Click Edit  on the middle, bottom of the form. Then, on the far left, click in the white box for every area of Government Reporting which needs editing. Assign at least Read to each of those areas.
  5. In the area of the form where you found Edit previously, Click Submit.

If you click on Launch Government Reporting  but nothing happens

This suggests you didn't set the file path properly in SchoolLogic's preferences and it cannot find Government Reporting. Start here: Setup menu > Preferences > File Paths. Even though the file paths entered onto this page tend to be universal within your District or Board, most schools edit these Preferences logged in as a school person, not a District person.

  1. Your eGov URL needs to point to your Government Reporting virtual directory, so, for many schools  this path is correct: http://mig-pc/SchoolLogic Government Reporting/login.aspx. Where you see mig-pic at left, fill in the name of your server on which the Government Reporting software resides. (As an aside: You will almost always find your Government Reporting virtual directory here: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SchoolLogic Government Reporting.) Note: Some schools have success with localhost  where you see mig-pic in the path above.
  2. Instead of having their path end in login.aspx, as shown above; some installations report success leaving that off, but then they leave off the final "/" as well, like this: http://mig-pc/SchoolLogic Government Reporting.
  3. Some schools have reported Firefox has more trouble with this pathing than some other browsers. Chrome and IE seem, anecdotally, to do best.
  4. We had one school that had to do this: Government Reporting wouldn't launch, despite everything looking correct in security and preferences. We found that if you went into IIS (7), clicked on SchoolLogic Government Reporting in the far left column, then clicked on Browse in the far right column, we'd get an error which essentially said (paraphrasing here:) "Looking for Microsoft .net version 4.x., found 2.x."  We changed Government Reporting's Application Pool from one using Microsoft .net 2.x to using .net 4.x. (see below) and that allowed us, in IIS, to successfully browse to the Government Reporting URL. 
  5. We copied the URL from that successful browse into the File path space in Setup menu > Preferences > File Paths and were then successful  launching Government Reporting  from SchoolLogic's Student menu.
  6. This also points up this possibility: Once you launch Government Reporting successfully from within SchoolLogic or SIRS, you can bookmark the URL and launch it in the future on its own, rather than from within SIRS or SchoolLogic. 

When you see Launch Government Reporting but you cannot click on it

If your file path looks correct in Preferences, but you cannot click on Launch Government Reporting, this generally means the Application Pool which SchoolLogic Goverment Reporting has been assigned to in IIS is using Microsoft .net framework 2.x, instead of 4.x. Do this:

Launch IIS  and then click on SchoolLogic Goverment Reporting on the far left. If you don't see it, click on these levels above it to "open" them: 

  1. The line at the very top which has the name of your server on it.
  2. Open Sites
  3. Open Default Web Site and scroll down, under it in Column 1, until you get to SchoolLogic Government Reporting.
  4. Click SchoolLogic Government Reporting  in Column 1 on the far left.
  5. In Column 3 on the far right, click on Basic Settings.
  6. In the box which results, if the Application Pool does not include v4.0 in its title, click Select and choose one that does.
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