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SRB SIS Knowledge Base

Navigating and Searching in the SRB Knowledge Base

Information on how to navigate and perform a search in the knowledge base; how to submit a ticket and access the Client FTP and Upload FTP folders.


This article provides information on the following topics:

  • Navigating the knowledge base
  • Performing a search in the knowledge base
  • Submitting a ticket from the knowledge base
  • Accessing the new Client FTP as well as the Upload FTP folders

Navigating the Knowledge Base

The content in the site is structured within categories, subcategories, guides, and then articles.  As you navigate throughout the site, the Navigation bar, found just below the Search bar, expands to indicate where you are located in the knowledge base.

From the home page you can see the following three categories:

  • Trillium Suite
  • Trillium Via
  • SchoolLogic

As a SchoolLogic/SIRS user, you will most likely want to navigate in the SchoolLogic category, which includes SchoolLogic, SIRS, SchoolLogic Government Reporting (eGov) and TeacherLogic.  HomeLogic topics are within SchoolLogic. Clicking on one of the categories will bring you to a page with the following subcategories:

  • Product Guides
  • Technical Guides (visible if you have logged in)
  • SchoolLogic News!

The Product Guides and Technical Guides subcategories contain guides for each product in the suite (ex.: SchoolLogic, SIRS, eGov,...). This structure simplifies your search for articles by only displaying the articles that apply to a specific product. Once you click on the appropriate guide, you will see all of that product's articles. The articles can be displayed in various ways (the options may change per guide):

  • Article Directory displays all articles in that guide;
  • How-to displays articles with the How-To tag; generally longer articles explaining an entire process;
  • Reference displays articles which are gnerally shorter and more specific. You will find Error Messages, Workarounds and Troubleshooting articles here as our site grows.
  • Tag directory displays search tags we've attached to articles. Articles display here under each tag assigned to them. 

Product Guides

The articles in the Product Guides explain how the products work from an end-user perspective. Credentials are not required to view articles in this subcategory;  they can be accessed by all clients. 

Technical Guides

Articles in the Technical Guides are meant to help school district support staff maintain the SchoolLogic/SIRS Suite, including:

  • Product update articles;
  • Access to our update files; 
  • Access to your FTP folders;
  • How-to configure our applications;
  • How-to Submit a Ticket form,

Due to the sensitivity and complexity of this information, you'll need credentials to access this subcategory. 

Knowledge Base Credentials

We've sent credentials to school district users who are currently receiving communication from SRB. The email came from, providing instructions on activating your knowledge base account. Be sure to keep an eye on your Junk Email box, in case your email system directs this email there. When you login for the first time, you will see two options:

  • Home
  • Reset Password

Be sure to Click Reset Password to change your password before proceeding to the Home page. Alternatively, clicking on your name in the upper-right corner and selecting the My Preferences option provides you with the option to change your password.  

Once your account has been activated, just enter the credentials in the fields in the upper-right corner:

If, for some reason, you have not received the welcome email from the knowledge base, you must first confirm that your school district is not blocking emails from  Once this is confirmed, you can use the Forgot Password option to receive a new password at  Enter your username in the Username field (format - firstname.lastname), leave the Password field blank, and Click Sign In.  This will send you an email with the new password; be sure to check your junk folder for this email.

More on Technical Guides

Update Articles

Update articles are available from the Technical Guides for the specific product.  You will find all the information you need for the update in these articles, including:

  • the release notes;
  • the instructions on how to perform the updates;
  • and the links to the files needed for the updates.

The client communication for the updates will have the links to these articles, but if you are struggling to find an update article, type the product name and the word Update in the How can we help you box for a quick search for the update article you are searching for.

Submit a Ticket Form

If you haven't found what you need by searching our knowledge base, credentialed users can Click Submit a Ticket in the upper-right corner, opening a service ticket with our SIS help desk. The more details you put in the initial ticket, the more you're helping us help you.

Notice that once you enter information in the Summary of Problem field, the right side of the submission form displays articles that you may not have found previously. This supports self-help, which may eliminate the need to open a service ticket.  Click on any of the links to view the articles.


Client FTP and Upload Folders

New for SchoolLogic and SIRS users! When you are logged into the Technical Guide subcategory, you'll see a guide called Client and Upload FTP Folders.  You will only see one article for your school district. This article contains the links to your Client FTP and the Upload folders from our FTP site. The Client FTP folder is used by SchoolLogic support or services staff to post files you may need for your environment. Only your school district will have access to your folder. The Upload folder is a secure location where you will post a copy of your SchoolLogic or SIRS database when requested by the support team.  Follow the steps in this article.

SchoolLogic News!

This guide will hold general articles, like this one, on the latest news! Be sure to check here often to learn what's new in the SchoolLogic world!


This site is a work in progress. Migrating all of our documentation into articles is a monumental task! If you cannot find information, let us know and we will make that information our next priority to create an article for our knowledge base.

We are also working on a Known Issues process that we expect to put in a separate guide in the Technical Guides subcategory.  Once this is in place, we will update this article with the details. Stay Tuned! 

We appreciate your patience as we proceed with this project that we believe will promote self-help for you, our clients.


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